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 [TUTO]How to patch to .86

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PostSubject: [TUTO]How to patch to .86   Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:51 am

For those you don't recognize me i'm FoxLie (Ted Bear) from Facebook

I will post here how to update your patcher since a lot of people are having so much trouble.

Ok let start it

First at all this is for SEA Version!! So USA country don't use this method to patch it!! It's not working

First :

Go to Cherrycredit website download part

Cherry Credit Downloading Part

Download the Manual patcher starting to 82 to 85

It mean 3 file to download

- 82-83 Manual Patcher
- 83-84 Manual Patcher
- 84-85 Manual Patcher

Once you have downloaded this take those 3 file and draw them to PLAYDGN Folder

Double click on the exe to patch it and don't forget to do it in order
82-83 then 83-84 then 84-85

Once it done go on your desktop and launch DGN

It should start updating again because .86 can't be done manually so just bear a few moment and then enjoy the game afro
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[TUTO]How to patch to .86
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